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Perfumes accompany us everywhere, whether in our daily lives or on special occasions. They have the power to put us in a good mood, spark pleasant memories and awaken our senses. The best perfumes help us gain confidence and surround us with an invisible aura that follows us every step. Choose the one that suits you best.

How to Choose Your Perfume?

The Perfect Choice Guide

If you are looking for a new perfume, whether for yourself or as a gift, it is useful to have some basic information to orient yourself in the wide world of perfumery and make the best choice.

Intensity of Perfumes: Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum

Understanding Fragrance Concentrations

Are you wondering which perfume to choose from an eau de toilette, an eau de parfum or a perfume? The difference lies in the percentage of olfactory substances contained. In general, the higher the concentration, the more intense the fragrance and the longer it lasts. However, ingredient quality and other factors can also influence the intensity and duration of fragrances. Here are the different concentrations of fragrances:

  • A perfume extract (Extrait de Parfum – P) contains 15-30% perfume concentrates, providing long wear that lasts for hours.
  • An eau de parfum (Eau de Parfum – EdP) contains 8 to 15% perfume concentrates and generally lasts 4 to 8 hours.
  • An eau de toilette (Eau de Toilette – EdT) contains 4 to 8% perfume concentrates and lasts for approximately 3 to 4 hours.
  • An eau de Cologne (Eau de Cologne – EdC) contains 3 to 5% perfume concentrates and lasts for around 2 hours.

Perfumes According to Your Preferences

Perfumes for All Tastes

Perfumes are divided into four categories depending on whether they are intended for use by women, men, women and men, or children. Each of these categories is typical for its scent:

  • A women's perfume is characterized by the presence of flowers such as jasmine, rose, orange blossom or lily of the valley. Other notes, often fruity, powdery, vanilla or spicy, can also appear widely in a women's perfume.
  • A men's perfume is most often distinguished by intense woody notes accompanied by citrus and spices. Lavender, oriental substances, leather and tobacco are also other very popular ingredients.
  • A unisex perfume is a universal perfume for women and men. This type of perfume is remarkable for the presence of citrus fruits, but also woody, watery and green scents.
  • A children's perfume is generally sweeter, reminiscent of candy, chewing gum, Coca-Cola, caramel and juicy fruits. This very sweet base is often complemented by sweet scents of flowers or, for example, coconut.

Composition of Perfumes

Head, Heart and Bottom

Have you noticed that the scent produced by most perfumes changes over time? In fact, each perfume composition is generally broken down into three stages which constitute the olfactory pyramid:

  • The top of the perfume (parfum top note) is what you smell immediately. It often consists of notes of citrus and herbs whose role is to attract attention. These scents disappear after a few seconds, or even a few minutes, to give way to the heart of the perfume.
  • The heart of the perfume (parfum middle notes) begins to develop about 15 minutes later and can last up to 2 to 3 hours. The heart generally offers scents of flowers, fruits, spices as well as green notes.
  • The base of the perfume (parfum base note) comes out after about half an hour and it generally lasts for many hours. The base is most often characterized by woody compounds, musk, amber and oriental accords such as incense and vanilla.

Most perfumes are composed according to the olfactory pyramid, but there are also other scents with a linear composition, that is to say which always have the same scent.

Family of Perfumes

Fragrances for All Tastes

There is also a division based on the type of fragrance: aldehydes, aromatics, citrus, woody, chypre, spicy, leather, floral, oriental, fruity, watery and green. These basic families can also be combined and therefore there are floral-fruity, chypre-woody, oriental-spicy and other fragrances. Simply filter your results by directly choosing the family of perfumes you prefer.

Favorite Components of Perfumes

Quality Ingredients

Although perfume packaging generally only lists a few ingredients, most perfumes generally have several dozen or even hundreds. Some manifest themselves more clearly, others are actually impossible for a normal person to identify. The most common ingredients are undoubtedly jasmine, rose, iris, oud, vanilla and violet. Do you love a particular ingredient and you absolutely want to smell it in your new perfume? Visit our Fragrance Components feature where you can choose your perfume based on its composition.

Niche Perfumes for a Dose of Originality

Explore the Luxurious Niche Perfume Collection

Do you want your perfume to set you apart from others and help emphasize your personality? In such a case, don’t hesitate to come and discover our niche perfumes section! These luxury perfumes are exceptional not only for the quality of their ingredients, but also for their original olfactory compositions which will certainly not leave you indifferent.

How to Try a Perfume?

Tips for an Informed Choice

Whether you try a perfume sample at home or go to a perfume store, the principles to follow are the same:

  • Try the perfume on your own skin. Perfume reacts to the pH of your skin, which can result in subtle differences in scent compared to a simple test on a strip of paper. Use paper strips in perfumery to test several perfumes, make a selection, then try the best ones directly on your skin.
  • Don't always trust your first impression. Let the scents of your perfume develop fully. The top notes only last a few minutes, but the scent itself lasts much longer.
  • Don't try more than three flavors in a row. Your nose is not able to distinguish them all at once.

How to Use Perfume?

The Rules of Perfect Application

Have you already chosen your favorite perfume? So, let's now focus on how we should wear perfumes so that they develop well, but also how to store them so that they smell good for as long as possible.

How to Wear Perfume? Basic Application Rules

For a Long Lasting Scent

To allow the scent to develop, spray it on pulse points like the cervical arteries, wrists, creases of the elbows and knees, the skin behind the ears. If you decide to apply the perfume to your wrists, avoid rubbing them together because heating the perfume too quickly will cause it to evaporate.

We advise you to first put cream or oil on the application points. The perfume will not be absorbed into the pores and its scent will last much longer.

If you still want to help your perfume develop wonderfully, we advise you to use it with scented cosmetic products from the same range – scented body milk, shower gel or deodorant. Choose a perfume box which has the advantage of bringing together all these products.

The fragrance develops intensely on warm pulse points, but then its staying power is reduced a little. So also spray it on several colder areas of the body such as the earlobes or knees. It will last much longer.

You can further prolong the effect of your perfume by applying it to the hair from a distance of approximately 15 centimeters. However, perfumes can dry out hair if applied too frequently. It is therefore recommended to use special perfumes for hair.

If you don't want to apply your perfume directly to the skin or don't want the smell to be too strong, you can simply spray it around you and let the scents fall on your body.

If you know that your eau de toilette or perfume does not last all day, you can keep a small bottle of perfume, a small diffuser to refill or even a perfume sample in your handbag. This will make it very easy to renew the application at any time of the day.

Perfumes According to Occasions and Season

Adapt Your Scent to the Present Moment

The art of wearing perfume well does not only rely on proper application of the perfume, but also on a choice of perfume that takes into account the occasion or the season. Here are some tips to guide your choices based on the time of day:

  • A perfume for the day should be light and fresh. Citrus fruits and flowers are therefore suitable choices. Regarding intensity, choose eau de toilette or eau de Cologne.
  • A perfume for the evening can be a little heavier, more pronounced and more sensual. An eau de parfum, whose scent will develop throughout the evening, is perfectly suited.

Just as it is generally agreed that a light perfume is perfect during the day and a heavier perfume is better for evening, each season of the year also demands a distinct type of scent. So, generally speaking, we can say that the colder the weather, the more intense, sweet and pungent your perfume should be, and vice versa:

  • A typical spring perfume reflects this season, light, fresh and full of spring flowers like lily of the valley and jasmine.
  • An ideal summer perfume should refresh you and awaken your senses in the summer heat. Citrus scents are ideal, as are those that are more green or watery.
  • With an autumn scent, you will enjoy scents that are more pungent, heavier, but also quite sweet. Autumn honors spices like vanilla or cardamom, as well as rare sandalwood or cedar.
  • A winter perfume is finally heavy and sensual. It combines oriental notes with sweet fruits and gourmet notes.

Whatever the occasion, your perfume should always reflect your personal taste and your current mood. It is important that you feel good while wearing it.

How to Properly Store a Perfume for a Long Duration of Use?

Preserve the Freshness of Your Scent

Is your favorite perfume beautifully displayed on a shelf in your bathroom or perhaps on a windowsill? It is a mistake. Perfumes do not like light, heat, or even sunlight. The best place to store perfume should be dry, dark and cool. The ideal is to keep it in its original box, in a room where the temperature does not exceed 20°C.