Collection: Tasting Shop: Green Teas, White Teas, Black Teas, Infusions (Herbal Teas), Matcha, Rooibos, and Brittany Honey

Welcome to our Tasting Boutique, a sensory journey through a variety of authentic flavors. Explore our range of green teas, white teas, black teas, infusions (herbal teas), Matcha, Rooibos, and Honeys from Brittany.

Explore Quality Green Teas, White Teas and Black Teas

In our Boutique Tasting Collection, immerse yourself in the fascinating world of teas. Discover a carefully chosen selection of Green Teas, White Teas and Black Teas, each offering you a unique taste experience. Let yourself be seduced by teas of exceptional quality, which tell stories of terroirs and traditions.

The Art of Infusions (Herbal Teas) - Natural Sweetness

Explore the art of infusions (herbal teas) in our collection. Our infusions are an invitation to relaxation and well-being. Enjoy soothing flavors and natural benefits. Each cup is a regenerating break, an escape towards inner balance.

Matcha and Rooibos - Discover Exoticism in a Cup

Let yourself be carried away by exoticism in a cup with our Matcha and our Rooibos. Matcha offers an invigorating experience for the senses, while Rooibos, rich in flavors and benefits, takes you on a journey of taste discovery. Discover these atypical teas and let yourself be seduced by their authenticity.

Brittany Honey - Natural and Local Sweetness

In our Tasting Boutique, you will also find Brittany Honey, a natural and local sweetness. Our bees collect flowers from our beautiful region to produce this exceptional honey. Discover the unique taste of Brittany in each spoonful of honey.