Collection: Premium White Tea

White tea according to Elysée des sens is expressed by the sweetness and delicacy of the perfume.

White Tea: The Purity of Delicacy and Freshness

White tea, delicate and refined, embodies the purity of delicacy and freshness of nature. It is a drink that evokes simplicity and elegance, offering a subtle and soothing taste experience.

White Tea from Elysée des Sens: A Journey to Purity and Excellence

Our collection of white teas takes you into a world where purity and excellence meet to create an unforgettable experience. White tea is famous for its sweetness and light flavor. Each variety in our selection is carefully chosen from the most prestigious plantations, offering an exquisite taste experience. Discover the art of purity and freshness with our white tea.

The Art of Discovering White Teas

Exploring our collection of white teas is entering into the art of discovery. Each variety we offer has its own character and delicate aromas. Immerse yourself in the sweet, floral flavors of Pai Mu Tan white tea, with its lightness and soothing freshness, or perhaps prefer the subtle refinement of Silver Needle white tea, renowned for its purity. Whatever your preference, our selection of white teas offers an exquisite experience.

A Harmony between Purity and Freshness

Our collection of white teas aspires to create a perfect harmony between the purity of aromas and the freshness of flavors. Each sip of white tea transports you to a world of simplicity and authenticity. White teas are also appreciated for their antioxidant content, providing health benefits, including preserving the beauty of the skin.

An Exquisite White Tea Experience

Each cup of white tea from Elysée des Sens is an exquisite experience. The tea leaves are carefully picked to preserve their purity and authentic flavor. Our preparation process is a celebration of craftsmanship, where each leaf is treated with the utmost respect to preserve its unique character. This attention to detail is what makes our white tea collection so special.

Discover the Purity and Freshness of White Teas

Explore our collection to discover the purity and freshness of white teas. Immerse yourself in the elegance of every sip and savor the refined simplicity of the world of white tea. White tea is much more than a beverage; it is an invitation to taste the delicacy and freshness of nature, to balance your palate and to savor every moment. Discover our selection of white teas and let yourself be carried away by the purity of each sip.