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    Guenno Real Estate

    An innovative and prowess partnership with Guenno Immobilier!

    The collaboration with Guenno Immobilier was built on the simple fact that they are keen to be able to highlight local players in the choice of gifts offered to buyers and sellers of real estate.
    We are also happy to be able to work with this serious entity in every way.

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  • West France

    Discover our exclusive partnership with the CSE Ouest France in Brittany!

    At Elysée des Sens, we are proud to announce our partnership with the Social and Economic Committee (CSE) Ouest France , a well-known institution in Brittany. Our commitment to well-being and relaxation is reflected in our unique collection of teas , scented infusions , scented fondants and perfumes for men and women . This special collaboration allows members of the CSE Ouest France to discover the best of our creations, for moments of relaxation and unparalleled taste pleasure.

  • Stellantis (PSA Peugeot Citroën)

    We are proud to announce our exclusive partnership with the Social and Economic Committee (CSE) PSA Groupe Stellantis . As specialists in well-being and indulgence, we are delighted to provide employees of this renowned automotive group with an exceptional selection of products, at competitive prices.

  • Isabelle Le Bail Immo

    Elysée des Sens is proud to announce the partnership with Isabelle Le Bail Immobilier , a real estate expert from Bruz (35), not only very competent in her field, but also very friendly. Our collaboration is dedicated to creating spaces of well-being and comfort for our clients, integrating quality of life at the heart of each real estate project. Together, we share a common vision that aims to provide an exceptional experience in our fields.

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Our exclusive partnerships

At Élysée des Sens, we are proud to collaborate with renowned partners to offer you an unparalleled experience in perfumes, flavors and well-being. Our passion for quality, authenticity and excellence drives us to constantly seek partners who share our dedication to customer satisfaction.

A World of Flavors and Fragrances

Whether for our range of teas , infusions , incense burners , scented melts or perfumes for men and women , we are constantly looking for companies that share our commitment to quality and innovation. Each of our partners is carefully selected to ensure you benefit from the most exquisite products and sensory experiences.

The Art of Collaboration

Our partnerships are much more than just commercial agreements; they embody the notion of collaboration and mutual support. We work hand-in-hand with our partners to ensure that our products and offerings are constantly enriched and improved. This approach allows us to strengthen our commitment to customer satisfaction and to guarantee that each product you find at Élysée des Sens is the best in its category.

A Universe of Discoveries

We're excited to introduce our Partnerships page, where you can learn more about the exceptional companies we have the privilege of working with. Explore the stories, values ​​and products of our partners, and discover how they contribute to making Élysée des Sens a destination for excellence in perfumes and flavors.