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Juicy pear flavored fondant 🍐

Juicy pear flavored fondant 🍐

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Scent: Pear

7 grams per fondant

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Dive into the Heart of a Blooming Orchard

Sweetly Fruity Top Notes

Discover the natural freshness of the pear with our Pear Scented Fondant . This olfactory creation immerses you in the heart of a flowering orchard. Captivating top notes of pear nectar awaken your senses with fruity sweetness.

A Balanced Olfactory Experience

The Harmony of Nature

At the heart of this fragrance, bamboo leaves add a soothing, vegetal touch, creating a balanced olfactory experience. The base notes, uniting green pear and white musk, bring a subtle depth to this fragrant symphony.

Transform Your Space into a Peaceful Orchard

The Freshness of Pear Reigns Master

Each use of our Pear Scented Fondant transforms your space into a peaceful orchard, where the freshness of the pear reigns supreme. Let yourself be enchanted by this simple and elegant fragrance that evokes the natural beauty of ripe pear. Let yourself be seduced by the purity of the pear with our Pear Scented Fondant, and discover how the fruity and vegetal notes harmonize to create a refreshing olfactory experience.

Olfactory pyramid

  • Top Notes: Pear Nectar
  • Heart Notes: Bamboo Leaves
  • Base Notes: Green Pear/White Musk

using advice

Place the scented fondant on the burner then light the tealight candle for 30 minutes then turn off and enjoy the atmosphere emanating from your scented fondants

Precautions for use

Keep your incense burner out of the reach of children and animals to avoid any risk of burns.

Do not touch or move the burner while in use.

Make sure it is on a flat surface.

Keep your lit candles away from any flammable objects.

Extinguish your candle before leaving the room and before going to bed.


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Discover the ultimate indulgence with our Juicy Pear flavored fondant . Let yourself be carried away by the enticing and intoxicating smell of a juicy pear. Each time you light our fondant, an olfactory symphony unfolds in your interior, transporting your senses to an orchard in the middle of summer. Let the sweet and delicately tangy fragrance of the pear invade your space, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere. You will be seduced by this unique olfactory experience, where the fruity notes awaken your appetite and bring a touch of freshness to your daily life. Savor the pure essence of the juicy pear, and treat your home to an exquisite fragrance that evokes the sweet joys of nature. Let our Juicy Pear scented fondant brighten up your moments of relaxation, create a welcoming atmosphere during meetings with friends and add a touch of indulgence to your interior. Enjoy this taste experience without the calories, and dive into a world of delectable flavors with our Juicy Pear flavored fondant.

To enjoy your fragrant fondants

All you have to do is put the fondant on the upper part of your perfume burner and light your tealight candle in the lower part.
By melting it will release its fragrance and embalm your home with a delicious smell.

The same perfumed fondant is used several times until all the perfume has evaporated. To do this, simply relight your tealight.

Change perfume as often as you want!

Tip: There are two ways to clean your incense burner .

Method 1: Dip absorbent paper in the still liquid wax until completely absorbed.

Method 2 : Wait for the wax to cool and lift it with a spoon or knife.

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