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Forest honey

Forest honey

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forest honey

250g jar

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Chestnut - Bramble - Honeydew - Callune

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Forest honey is a versatile ingredient in the kitchen. You can use it to sweeten your hot drinks like tea or coffee, add it to baking recipes, or even drape it over pancakes and waffles.


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Honeys from Brittany

Les Miels de Bretagne is a collective trademark registered in 2021, which guarantees a 100% Breton origin of honey.
It is supported by the Association les Miels de Bretagne, made up of professional Breton beekeepers wishing to bring maximum transparency to their beekeeping practices, and guarantee high quality honey produced in Brittany from the flower to the teaspoon.

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Discover our delicious Breton forest honey , carefully harvested by the Chevré apiaries. During the season, bees forage for chestnut, bramble, honeydew and callune flowers. This unique combination of flowers gives the honey a complex and rich flavor, as well as a palette of irresistible aromatic notes.

The sweet nectar of chestnut flowers gives our honey a delicate sweetness and subtle aromas. The bramble flowers add a fruity and slightly tart note, creating a perfect balance of flavors. Honeydew, which is a sweet secretion produced by insects, brings a unique depth of taste with its caramelized nuances.

Finally, calluna, a wild flower that grows abundantly in the forest, adds a floral touch and a slight bitterness that harmoniously completes the taste profile of our forest honey.

Forest honey is carefully harvested in unspoiled areas, away from sources of pollution, to ensure its exceptional purity and quality. Each jar is filled with this precious natural treasure, unpasteurized to retain all of its nutritional properties and health benefits.

Whether it's to sweeten your hot drinks, enhance your cooking recipes or simply enjoy a spoonful of this natural delight, our forest honey is an ideal choice. Savor every bite and let yourself be transported by the unique flavors of nature.

Please note that the availability of our forest honey may vary depending on the seasons and harvests, making it a real rarity to enjoy when available.

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