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Spring Honey

Spring Honey

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Spring Honey

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Dandelion - Prunus - Fruit trees - Rapeseed and Hawthorn

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Our spring honey is a perfect natural sweetener to sweeten your hot drinks or enhance your favorite recipes with a touch of authentic sweetness.

Savor its delicate flavor by combining it with yogurts, fresh fruit or cheeses, to create perfect accompaniments that will delight your taste buds.

Give your skin gentle and nourishing care by using our spring honey as a mask or as an exfoliant.

Take advantage of its soothing properties by mixing a spoonful of honey with lemon juice and warm water for a comforting natural remedy.

Explore all the possibilities that our spring honey offers, and let yourself be seduced by its springtime delicacy, brightening up your tastiest moments.


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Honeys from Brittany

Les Miels de Bretagne is a collective trademark registered in 2021, which guarantees a 100% Breton origin of honey.
It is supported by the Association les Miels de Bretagne, made up of professional Breton beekeepers wishing to bring maximum transparency to their beekeeping practices, and guarantee high quality honey produced in Brittany from the flower to the teaspoon.

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Immerse yourself in springtime delights with our Spring Honey, a precious nectar certified Miel de Bretagne. Harvested by our bees carefully foraging the delicate flowers of dandelion, prunus, fruit trees, rapeseed and hawthorn, this honey offers you a unique and enchanting taste experience.

Our Spring Honey embodies the very essence of the season, with its silky texture and exquisite floral nuances. Take advantage of its natural sweetness to sweeten your hot drinks or add a delicate touch to your favorite recipes.

Produced with love in Brittany, each jar of our honey is the result of the passionate work of our beekeepers who preserve the richness of spring flowers to offer you a product of exceptional quality.

Savor the freshness and authenticity of spring in every spoonful of our Spring Honey. Treat yourself to this unique and deliciously floral taste experience. Order now to bring some of Brittany's springtime magic into your daily life.

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